A family paid builder Ian Hadden £14,000 – this is the mess they were left with

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Redcar family slams sentence given to Ian Malcolm Hadden after he was ordered to pay them just £1,000 compensation This is the mess that a Redcar family of five’s house was left in by rogue trader Ian Hadden. Samantha Shilton and Daniel Jackson looked into getting a loft conversion done for their growing family back in September

Saltburn boy given the best Christmas present after builder took family’s money

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Five-year-old Theo Hallam was left sleeping in his family’s dining room for more than a year! A Spider-man-loving little boy finally has a bedroom for Christmas thanks to good Samaritans who stepped in after a builder allegedly ran off with £10,000 of his family’s money. Five-year-old Theo Hallam was left sleeping in his family’s

Middlesbrough Builders Aspect carry out work on the new Marston’s pub in Middlehaven

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The Six Medals pub was named after Wing Commander Adrian Warburton, who was born in Middlesbrough and was one of the most decorated pilots of the Second World War. Due to his outstanding service, he coined the nickname ‘Six Medals’ by gaining two Distinguished Service Orders and four Distinguished Flying Crosses. The venue, within Gateway