Extension Insurance, Do I Need it?

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Extension Insurance, Do I Need it?

If you are carrying out an extension to your home and you are managing the project yourself, for peace of mind you should consider Home Extension Insurance to cover the new work and the existing structure.

This is because most home insurers will exclude loss or damage whilst the property is undergoing alteration or renovation.

When you’ve ‘got the builders in’ the risk of something unexpected happening to your home and its contents increases considerably, so your policy may be invalid if you don’t tell your insurer.

Insurance is often overlooked as many homeowners believe their existing building insurance or the contractors liability cover will be adequate enough to cover them in the event of any loss or damage on site.

It’s worth discussing your project with a site insurance specialist site like Protek as home extension projects can be very complex and often include liability assumed under the Part Wall Act 1996.

Site insurance caters for both the existing element of the property that’s being extended and all the new extension works that go into the process.

If your property collapses while creating a new opening for example, the insurance will cover it and completely replaces the requirement for buildings insurance, which as noted previously is not suitable.

All the works, including any temporary works, materials, plant tools and equipment need to be covered. Public liability and employers liability is automatically included to ensure you are fully protected.

Extension insurance needs to be in place from the moment you plan to start works on the property and should continue to the point the project is completed and taken into full use.

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