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Top Tips for Planning an Extension

Moving home has become a less attractive prospect as the years have gone by; a perfect mix of rising property prices, expensive moving fees and high stamp duty has led to a trend of improving not moving. If you need more space in your house then an extension might be just what you need. Here are our top tips for planning an extension.

Type of extension

One of the first things you need to think about is the type of extension that you would like, and ensuring it will work for your property. At Aspect, we offer the following types of extensions:

Side return extension: this is where an extension is built into the alley way at the side of your house. It may seem like a small space, but it can have a great impact by opening up a room and letting in more light.

Wrap-around extension:
this is where we combine a rear extension with a side return extension. This type of build tends to maximise the space available.

Rear extensions:
does what it says on the tin, this is an extension that comes from the back of your property.

Double storey extensions: this is the most costly option, however, you do gain a considerable amount of space that can lead to an extra bedroom, home office space, expanded living space and/or an extra bathroom.

If you are not sure about the type of extension that will work in your property, we can offer you a free site survey and help you design your extension.

Planning permission

Once you have chosen your design, you may need to seek out planning permission. It may be possible to build an extension within permitted development. However, if this has already been exceeded or if you live in a conversation area then it is likely you will have to apply for planning consent. If you are planning quite a radical extension (i.e modern, not in keeping with the local architecture) then it is also likely that you will need planning permission. At Aspect, we can help you through the planning permission process.

Dealing with the building work

If you choose to work with Aspect we will deal with all the builders, tradesman and sub-contractors. However, dealing with day-to-day building work can be disruptive, especially if you have a family. How you deal with the building work is a personal choice and depends on your circumstances. For a dust free life, moving out and finding temporary accommodation can be one of the most hassle free options, but this is not always possible due to a myriad of reasons.

If you do decide to stay in the property, it is likely you will have to navigate life, for a short period of time, with dust, no kitchen and occasional breaks to the power and water.

Here are some tips:

If you are building your extension in the summer and have to live without a kitchen for a little while you can always use a barbecue to cook. Ideally, use a gas barbecue as it will be much easier and more convenient.

One user on Mums Net dealt with her extension by using paper plates, plastic cups and utensils. Washing up in the bathroom sink and planned takeaways, meals out and simple dishes that were easy to make using a kettle, toaster and microwave.

Treat it like camping and explain to your children how you are going on an adventure for the duration of the build.

Another Mums Net user put most of her and her family’s belongings in storage. This meant there was less dust damage and things were easier to clean. Aspect will always try to keep dust to the absolute minimum and give you plenty of notice when particularly dusty work is going to be carried out.

Use this opportunity to have a big clear out. We all accumulate stuff over time and taking the time to clear out what you do not need or want can be a very satisfying job and it also means you have more room for the new stuff you will inevitably want to buy.

Want to improve your house with an extension? Then contact Aspect for a free site survey.

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